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<h2 class="notopmargin">About The Family Album Project</h2>

<p>The Family Album Project is a non-profit organization with a goal to provide families, in all their varied forms, with a FREE professional quality print portrait. In this era of digital photography, we are able to quickly photograph and digitally share our precious memories, but this has led to a lack of permanence that I feel we will regret over time. At The Family Album Project, we are restoring the hard copy print hoping that these photographs will be passed down to future generations. We especially want to provide this service to those that otherwise would not be able to afford a photographer. We have served the homeless, The Ronald McDonald House, Veterans and senior Homes, to name a few. The Family Album Project comes onsite to your community, sets up a professional mobile photography studio, takes portraits, and provides an immediate hard copy print. Please contact us and see how easy it is to bring The Family Album Project to your community!</p>

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In this era of digital photography, we are rapidly losing the hard copy print. It is not only important that this generation have family pictures, but that these pictures get passed down to future generations to ensure the survival of the family album. The team at The Family Album Project is going out into our communities and providing families, in all their varied forms, with free professional quality prints. We provide our service to those that otherwise would not have access to such a service. Listed below are just a few of the many communities The Family Album Project has proudly photographed.

A few examples of who we serve...

Medically Fragile Children

Low Income Housing

Philanthropic Organizations

Senior Communities

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